I give two thumbs up to the Monster Moving crew. They did a long distance move for me from Marlborough, MA to NYC. The movers were phenomenal – they padded everything and put all of my furniture back together and were just overall great guys. I moved in to a 3rd floor walkup and have seen some other movers come through that were pretty bad so I wanted to give this company a shout out. I underestimated what an awesome job they did before seeing what was out there. Thank God I got lucky and chose Monster Moving.
Jennifer B

I hired Monster Moving to move my mom and sister from Orlando FL to Sacramento CA over the summer. The movers dedicated an entire day to pack for the move and prepare the furniture for shipping, they were meticulous making sure every item was protected. Then they loaded my sisters items and drove to my mom’s storage funit to load the rest. We chose monster moving because they were very accomodating in terms of the size truck we needed and they did everything, packing and loading, all in one day which took a lot of the stress out of it. It took 8 days for us to get the items in Sacramento, the offloading crew (different guys) were also great and put everything back together and where we wanted
Michael L.

We used Monster Moving for a short distance move, from Skokie to Indianapolis and the move went well, but it was small and not a huge distance so at that time we didn’t get the full scope of how the company operated. We called them again when helping my parents arrange to pack and move their family home down to Florida. They provided a reasonable estimate that included full packing and moving of about 2400 cf to Naples. Overall we paid about $14,000 which was less than other full service movers and we felt comfortable with the crew and the fact they could guarantee the items would be stored for free until we were ready to have them delivered. Not one item was damaged, scratched, or even scuffed. They did a really amazing job protecting the furniture and handling boxes, in both moves. Overall 5 stars.
Jason K.

I used Monster to do a move back in December 2018 and here is why this might be one of the most important reviews you’ll ever read about this company: an error was made, a pretty significant one, I ain’t gonna lie I was kinda P’d off, and they immediately took responsibility, apologized and corrected it.
It’s easy to earn great reviews when everything goes perfectly, I think what DEFINES a company is what happens when something doesn’t go right, and how that’s handled. Moving companies are pretty notorious for their “customer is always wrong” approach and I was happy and relieved that Monster Moving is completely different. I hope I don’t EVER need to move again but if I do, Monster Moving you have a customer for life!
Nancy R.

From beginning to end, the service and experience with Monster Moving was incredible. Over the phone communications were articulate, clearly explained, and personable. Email communications were professional and detailed. My movers RJ and Davis arrived early, and could not have been more professional, polite, and pleasant on all levels. They were able to get all the moving done within my allotted time frame (our elevator reservation was restricted) and were beyond gracious. They practically jogged back to the truck to make it in time. They were extremely professional and I was confident in their ability, which substantially reduced the amount of dred I was experiencing. I would certainly recommend their service let alone use them again.
Margaret W.

Monster Moving is excellent. Our quote was spot on and their customer service is outstanding. Three guys moved a huge amount of stuff out of our 2200 sqft house in Phoenix in 4.5 hours, drove, and delivered it in Sherman Oaks in under 2 days. The movers made sure to have everything broken down, wrapped, and then back up in no time. They were professional, experienced, and never hit a wall when they were lugging huge furniture in and out, incredible teamwork! The guys were also very polite, which was a nice touch but most importantly they were efficient while still being careful and respectful of our property. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for movers
Kevin S.

Moving is probably the second most stressful event in someone’s life (after getting married) which I was ready to go off the deep end trying to coordinate both of these events at the SAME TIME. My partner and I couldn’t have been happier with Monster Moving. They moved our two apartments from Boston to our new home in Stamford CT in one day. Our furniture was well protected and nothing damaged. The crew knew things about my move that I had completely forgotten -and they came completely prepared to help me get everything ready. They took a huge flat screen off the wall for us perfectly! Not an easy thing to do. At the new house, I wanted all the bookcases rearranged and put together and within minutes they had them set up so that I could unpack the book boxes. We had a few very heavy pieces. An outdoor marble table that must weigh a ton… A marble dining table, a massive bed… but none of these items seemed to be an issue. They handled the move like a boss! You can tell the office treats their employees well. They work tirelessly, are efficient and yet were incredibly patient with us. These guys are true professionals who will take such good care of your items you’d think they were their own!