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If you haven’t had the opportunity to move using the Monster Moving method, you may be wondering how it is that we are able to provide such accurate detailed estimates without an on site inspection, or maybe you are using professional movers for the first time and wanted to know more about how it all works. 

Either way, we at Monster Moving believe in transparency as a main ingredient to a successful move, and are happy to share with you every step in our quote process on the way to your smooth move:

Step one: Contact Us

Step one is as easy as it sounds. Simply give us a call at 866-826-1119 or use the contact sheet on this site to get in touch. Within mere moments of submitting your request a skilled personal relocation consultant will be assigned to you and will start working on your file. 

Step two: Getting to Know Your Move

Your personal relocation consultant will create a file for you to accompany your request, which will contain all relevant information. We find that having someone to talk to is a lot easier than trying to navigate the process yourself, but your consultant will provide you an interactive link which you may use to access and modify your file at any time.

Step three: Virtual Tour

This step will involve walking through your home and describing to your consultant what needs to be moved: furniture items, non boxable bulky items (like brooms or laundry hampers) and an approximation of boxes. Your consultant will log all of your items to create a detailed inventory list, which you will get a written copy of and may then use for future reference. It is generally handy to have a tape measure for this part of the process, though most items have pre-determined sizing and will not require exact measuring.

Step four: Question Time

Though you are welcome to ask questions at any point, during this step you are encouraged to ask them, as well as answer a few yourself. At this point your consultant will ask you about many little details involving your move like parking conditions, your schedule restrictions, packing preferences and so much more. Remember: in moving there is no “wrong” answer, the purpose of these questions is to make sure that your quote is tailored to your specific need and that the price you are receiving is a bottom line one.

Step five: Binding Estimate Breakdown

After confirming the dates you’ve selected remain available, this is the step where your consultant will break down your entire estimate. This will involve explaining how your estimate is priced, your various scalable packing options, how payment works and how the moving process will unfold. A written copy of your binding estimate will be sent to you via email and you will receive a personal reference number to accompany a phone number for your consultant, who will continue to guide you throughout the moving process.

While this process may seem elaborate, it can take as little as 15 minutes to get all the information that you need and book your move. Whether you are looking for an accurate and free moving estimate or are just exploring your options, give Monster Moving a call today to receive friendly and fast answers to all of your questions.

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