Moving Special Items


Antiques, fragile, and special items

No matter what special items you are going to move: antique clocks, sculptures, large paintings, pool tables, entertainment equipment, pianos, cars, motorbikes, etc., Monster Moving, LLC here to help you and to provide special crating services and the expertise needed in order to deliver all of your valuable belongings unharmed.

Over-sized objects

The loading and unloading of over-sized items requires special techniques, equipment, and experienced movers. Here at All Around, we can handle items such as grand pianos, kayaks, motorcycles, etc.

Items of significant importance

In addition to the prohibited items, we suggest that you transport your own items of sentimental or irreplaceable value. These items could include:

  • Cash, checks
  • Prescription medicine
  • Family photos
  • Important papers (e.g., deeds, wills, bonds, insurance, medical bills, etc.
  • Jewelry
  • Keys to furniture, safe, home, car, etc.

What about insurance?

As a licensed mover, we provide protection for your belongings on all moves at no additional charge. You are provided with valuation at a level of $.60 cents per pound up to $10,000 with zero deductible. We recommend purchasing additional insurance for special items of high value to take every precaution available. You only want to insure an item or two? That’s not a problem, just ask your relocation consultant for more information. Please see insurance options for more information.

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